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Grateful. One of my favorite words. Having a true appreciation for all that we have is so rewarding.

I also have a great appreciation for all those who live by the words of gratitude as well! Makes me happy to see others live their life with 'gratitude' in mind. I know they're a happy bunch.

One of my summer clients this year was Amanda, who has started a health and nutrition blog. We set out for our shoot on a beautiful summer evening, the weather was great, the scenery was exactly what we both envisioned, and the shoot went by super fast! It was great!

Seriously super grateful for simple things like that.

So what does Amanda's Blog Photo shoot have to do with Gratitude.

- Well her awesome attitude for starters, her vision for her photos for the blog, but mostly?! Her awesome basket full of fresh veggies that had "Grateful" on it. That kind of sparked the idea and thought.

Because, seriously how can you not be grateful for a basket full of food?! lol Right? awesome clients who trust me with their vision. Always grateful. Thank you.

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