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Bearded bad boys do it better

Whether you like them or not, beards are definitely a 'growing' trend :)

And seriously no surprise, facial hair has been a sign of manliness, maturity and strength since the dawn of time! Its a style that has passed the test of time.

No one really knows when it originated, but it doesn't really matter because this look never goes out of style.

Speaking of style, not everyone can pull it off, but this guy, oh he's got it. Bearded bad boy look on point!

I think I can sense a little GQ potential over here ;)

Keeping up with the 2018 trends, I think the salt & pepper look is my current favorite, and I'm not being biased just because my hunk over here has one.

Stylizing : Bracelets - #SkeletonHD

Watch - #Ferrari

Signage - #JackDaniels

Jeans -#Balmain

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