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The boys found a creek in Fishcreek Park

For those not familiar with Fishcreek Park ( Calgary ) I have no idea how you've managed that one!? Maybe you've driven by, but never thought of checking it out, or you just haven't realized our city has this beautiful park. Whatever the reason, it surely a wonderful park to go visit! There is plenty to discover...after all it is the SECOND LARGEST urban park in all of Canada. That's pretty impressive.

It has entrances from various neighborhoods throughout the city like Evergreen, Canyon Meadows, Deer run, Douglasdale, McKenzie, Cranston and many others. Its huge! From bike trails, picnic and fire pit spots, to fishing spots off the Bow river there is plenty to do and find here. So if you haven't been, check it out! You won't regret it, I promise.

PS. My favorite side is throughout Evergreen. It's as if you drove out to the rocky mountain trails but you're literally right within the city.

These pictures were take from the Deer run side of fish creek.

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