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First day of summer 2016

Yay! Happy first day of summer! It's finally here.

It is this very day, that I long for during those cold Canadian winter months. The hot weather, the summer breeze, going camping, going boating, hanging out by the water, hiking, biking, water baloon fighting. Oh and bonfires, fireworks, fresh fruit and veggies, cherry picking, patio sipping and summer vacation road trips. All this and more. For me, that's what summer is all about.

So since Summer is officially here, I will be taking advantage of the wonderful weather and I will be spending it outdoors as much as possible. With my camera always near by, to share some of this season's goodness with you.

I hope you too will take advantage of the summer days ahead as much as you possibly can! Enjoy it.

Oh and summer also marks the beginning of the "photos season".

So here's to a wonderful summer ahead, and to all the picture taking to come! Cheers friends.

Now go and Explore the great Outdoors!! And call me if you decide you'd what some pictures done lol

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