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Do I need a consultation BEFORE my Photo shoot?

Do you need a consultation with your photographer before you arrive at your first shoot? Well, you don't need one but why would you NOT want one?! I highly recommend it. Here's why :

First of all, as a photographer I want to meet all your photography needs, and the more I know about you and any one else I may be photographing, the higher the chance I have of truly achieving that.

Every couple, every pregnant mama, every bride and groom are different and they all have some sort of an "image" set in their mind.

Some people have looked through magazines and bridal journals, they know what they want and want to go all out! They imagine having a glamorous photo-shoot with magazine worthy pictures. Where some people may just want a picture of their whole family looking at the camera at the same time! Lol.

Whatever the case, as a photographer - with intentions to have a very happy customer, I am here to listen. I like to take as many notes as possible of what you would like to see in your finished product and what theme you may be going after. With that said I can also give you some ideas and some direction in case you haven't thought about your shoot at all! Because if you've never had professional photographs done you may not know what to expect and you may miss some very simple things. For example, you may choose clothing with overly busy prints on your clothes, they may be nice but they will be very distracting in pictures and that takes away from the people in the image. which we know YOU are the most important of subjects in the photographs.

But who's got time to do a consultation, when I barely squeezed in this shoot into my schedule?

Well, it doesn't have to take long, and you don't have to do it in person, you can just have a phone conversation with your photographer. Or even a quick email of your "ideas" can help your photographer.

Some things that help: stating whether you want indoor or outdoor pictures, or both. If you know how many people will be joining you in the shoot. If you are more conservative, or you are willing to get creative and you're open to trying new things. If you are on a budget. You would like to bring your own props or perhaps use the photographers. If you have a certain theme in mind. Or if you have no idea what you want.

Those are some of the little things you can communicate to your photographer and discuss with them.

For me personally, I am not set on "one single theme" or one approach on how I shoot. I am willing to incorporate your ideas, your vision into mine and create those images how you have imagined them! If you let me know what they are, we are already one step ahead of the game!! So try to find just that little extra time and have a consultation with your photographer prior to going out to the actual shoot. Not only will you get to know your photographer a bit more, you will feel more prepared and more relaxed!

Best of luck and enjoy your shoot!

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