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My Faves of 2017!

2017 WAS GREAT FUN! I've had quite the mashup of photoshoots and adventures!

I got to catch a rainbow for just enough time to score a belly shot with it, I got hit with unexpected winds and had to use a garage door as my backdrop ( but still killed' it ;) - right?!) Had an emergency photo shoot for a family pooch given only two weeks to live! ( he was diagnosed with cancer) - Who, I am happy to say, to this day is still kicking.. and has surpassed his two weeks by a mile!

I had to climb a mountain with 6 inch heels, roll in the leaves, tread through train tracks, show up to a shoot with a major hangover, climb around a falling a part abandoned barn and on many, many occasions lay in the middle of the road for the right shot! Lol BUT I loved every minute of it!

From all of my client's to my personal photo adventures...Here are some of my favorite shots from 2017!! ( in no particular order.)

Happy 2018 Everyone! Here is to more bellies, more family fun, more new beginnings, more weddings, more babies and more photo shoots!

Hope to see some new faces in 2018.

HAPPY 2018 !!

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